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Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City

Speaking, as I was, of video game adaptations in general and the Resident Evil series of such in specific, it seems only natural that I would have remembered and thus watched the reboot. (But also I really need to finish Resident Evil 5, the video game. I’ve only been trying for years upon years.)

In a counterfactual world where a six movie series starring Milla Jovovich as Alice never existed, here is what I would have to say about Welcome to Raccoon City: It’s a pretty good mashup of Resident Evil and Resident Evil 2, the video games, which makes sense as those (and 0 and 3, not mashed up here) all cover approximately the same 72 hour period during which really a lot of things happened. There are a lot of iconic images and moments, and all in all it is a surprisingly faithful adaptation of those two games. The games are of course still better, but what else could you expect out of a game adaptation?

However, those movies do exist, and they exist as an object lesson in why, if you intend to adapt a game, you need to take the premise and go in a new direction, something that maybe surpasses or maybe doesn’t, but at the least tries to be different. With books, faithful can be amazing, but with games, you’re in control of what happens as you play, so faithful is a bit flat, you know?

Wind Chill

When I added Wind Chill to my watchlist on Starz, I think it was because I wanted to recapture the magic of Frozen, which I associated to in my head as having come out around the same time, even though it turns out the [non-Disney, stuck in a ski lift] movie came out a few years after this one[1].

The short version is, I did not. Alas!

Anyway, did you ever see The Sure Thing? John Cusack and Daphne Zuniga on a road trip during a college break: they don’t really know each other but they both need to get to the same place[2], and they quickly hate each other but are trapped together in this tiny hurtling box, right? You know how the movie goes, even if you don’t know specifically how the movie goes.

This movie is that movie, except it’s also a winter horror movie once they spin off the road into a ditch, can’t get the car started, it’s at night, and paranoia starts to set in. And if it had stayed that movie, man, I would be singing that movie’s praises to the rooftops. It quickly devolved into a different, boring movie, though, and long story short: meh. It’s like, I get that you can’t just sit in the car getting colder and more shrill in your accusations, that drama fizzles out fast. But if they had found a way to leave the car and keep the paranoia… and I can even think of some ways! Make it a satanic panic cultist movie, for example.

Oh, well.

[1] And a few years before the Disney one, obviously
[2] I forget her reason. His is that he has a “sure thing” waiting for him. ie, someone who will definitely have sex with him, if that terminology has correctly fallen out of favor by the time you read this.