Ultimate Spider-Man: Public Scrutiny

Spider-Man, right? Short review: still awesome.

Slightly longer review: in Public Scrutiny, Peter has to deal with identity theft, romantic troubles, and bullets. I’m having more and more trouble being able to describe why that works so well, when it looks so dumb on the page. There’s just something about this normal, everyday kid who wants to save the world now that he can, except he can never seem to catch a break. I guess that at the same time as you’re rooting for him, you can’t help but feel better about yourself?

I should say that, despite the short review above, this is the weakest volume so far. It’s still better than most of the Ultimate X-Men I’ve read, though, except for a plot hole large enough to drive an armored car through, regarding the web fluid. I guess it would be a spoiler to elaborate? But trust me, it was ridiculous.

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