The Ultimates 2: Grand Theft America

With this fourth volume of the Ultimates series, Mark Millar has done something amazing, and all the more amazing because of how unimpressed I’ve been with his take on the X-Men and the Fantastic Four. He’s capped off an already impressive sequence of stories with what is clearly the strongest entry, and he’s managed to be politically relevant without edging far into preachiness at the same time. I can’t help but reflect on my (currently stalled) readings of late 1960s Marvel comics and feel like this modern take is very much in keeping with the early days of the brand. Which pleases me.

Grand Theft America chronicles a masterful plan to cripple the United States and her super-human defenders in one stroke, with assistance from sources that might qualify as expected or entirely shocking. (I know I had one of each.) And they’re playing for keeps, so don’t expect anyone to be safe, emotionally or physically. I really can’t say anything more without digging far too deeply into plot spoilers, but, wow. Best superhero comic I’ve ever read, I think it is fair to say.

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