Stardust (2007)

Stardust, right? It’s been such a long time since there was a good fairy tale movie. (Well, let’s head off the Disney people and specify live action; but I’m pretty sure most or none of them compare anyway.) The downside to this is that the already viable comparisons to The Princess Bride become practically inevitable. The upside is that there’s finally something on film to mean to the kids what that movie meant to me. Oh, sure, they could just watch it instead, but since when do people go for their parents’ fogey old movies when there’s new hotness to deliver the same kind of impact?

Perfectly interwoven storylines follow a star that has fallen to ground beyond the Wall, a chest high stone wall that separates England from the magical kingdom of Stormhold. All she really wants to do is get back to the business of being in the sky, you know, hanging out at night, shining. Basically, the kinds of things a star would want to do. Meanwhile, people seek her on all sides. Heirs to the throne of Stormhold, looking to prove themselves according to long family tradition. A lad from England, looking to prove himself to a village girl by bringing her the star, which they watched fall to ground during a moonlit dinner. Three witches, trying to maintain their immortality. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

I loved it. I really can’t think of anything to add to that; the previous two paragraphs and the closing sentence of this one are, for the most part, fluff to fill out that central point.

8 thoughts on “Stardust (2007)

  1. Skwid

    Looking at the main page, everything past “add a comment” on Girls Volume 3 is just gone. Likewise, my RSS feed for your site shows your recent entries as being all chopped off partway through, with “Girls” as just a title.

  2. Chris

    Hey, look at that. Works on Firefox, but bad on IE. (I have no Opera or Safari or browser-so-indie-I’ve-never-heard-of-it to test with, but this definitely counts as a start.)


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