Fables: The Good Prince

I am having trouble coming to grips with The Good Prince. Not because there’s any question of it being good; if anything, it was the most fable-like story of any long arc I’ve read in the series. I started to point out that there’s a twist where the most unlikely character of all blah blah blah, but the truth is, that is as fable-like or moreso than every other aspect of an extremely fablicious storyline. But at the same time, that’s my problem; if it looks like a happily ever after is in reach (and I’m not saying one has happened, but I can see the road from here to there), does that imply[1] that there’s going to be a sudden, dramatic (and rather unlikely) reversal of fortunes? Or is the series going to be about something else entirely than what it has been about for the last good while?

Then I remember that it wasn’t about this war with the Adversary for the first two or three books, and I liked them plenty, and I stop worrying about it. So maybe less grip-trouble than I thought?

[1] I should add here that there are a lot of books left in the series before I catch up to present time, and it’s still being published.

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