Summer Knight revisited

I am shocked to see that we finished listening to the last Dresden Files book less than six month ago. It really seems much longer ago. Which means that yay, still accomplishing something here. Anyway: as usual, the first and most important part of Summer Knight is timeline placement. This occurs in June (midsummer, really) of year 2, a good eight months after Grave Peril.[1]

Huh. I just realized why it seems so long: we didn’t really spend any time listening to the book between the August road trip and today. As a result, I do not have a ton of deep insights into the plot of the book, or the way things are going with the series. I do know that a) Marsters is still a good narrator, even if he keeps randomly not knowing some of the technical language of fantasy, and b) Butcher has definitely hit his stride.

Here’s a little behind a cut, mainly because my footnote definitely has a spoiler, so I need to anyway.

So anyway, it turns out I didn’t remember this one very well. I mean, I remember that this is when Mab first started to get her hooks into Harry, and I remembered that Harry wasn’t going to become the Summer Knight like I think I believed he would the first time I read this, but I misremembered that both of the Ladies were involved in the plot, as opposed to only the Summer Lady. It was still a pretty good mislead plot, the most convoluted but also satisfying to date.

I wonder if there are any more big plotlines to be introduced that I’m forgetting, or if this has provided all of the major players, and everything else is moving pieces around on the board.

[1] Which means, it’s possible though unlikely (according to respondents for my last review as well as research) that Susan is about to give birth to Harry’s daughter. Someday, I will know! July birthday, if so.

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