Ex Machina: March to War

I’m headed toward the impression that maybe Ex Machina doesn’t know where it’s going after all, which would bother me less, I think, if I didn’t have the excellent Y: The Last Man series by the same author to compare with. As it is, March to War still delivers on sometimes thought-provoking and always entertaining post-9/11 political content, so I can’t complain very much; and it will only help matters if I lower my future expectations.

In this fourth volume, if you wonder, former superhero and current New York City Mayor Mitchell Hundred must deal with political protests of the war in Iraq and a new terrorist attack on his city, and an annoying radio personality as a framing device for a flashback to the time that he had an archenemy with a surprising and complementary power. So that’s pretty good stuff? Yeah, it is.

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