Preacher: Dixie Fried

51nMX6pyRVLAfter getting side-tracked a couple of times by family matters and kidnapped friends, Jesse Custer has forcibly put himself back on his quest to find God and ask some pointed questions. Trouble is, he doesn’t really know how to go about the finding, and anyway, he still doesn’t really understand the thing in his head that started all of this. So he heads off to New Orleans to dig up a few answers. Which would probably work out fine, except one of Jesse’s and a few of Cassidy’s past (and present) mistakes are coming back to haunt them all.

Oh, I didn’t say what the hell I’m talking about there, did I? Just finished the fairly inexplicably-titled fifth Preacher volume, Dixie Fried. It was refreshing to get back to the driving force of the story, after the last book’s digression. And I did enjoy the plot twists. However, it felt a little thematically empty. If Tulip had had anything come along with the express purpose of biting her on the ass, I might have been able to cobble something together about mistakes and consequences. Plus, I’m not sure if I approve of the apparent change in Cassidy’s personality. (In case it’s not clear, Cassidy and Tulip are Jesse’s quest companions, not to mention vampire best friend and girlfriend, respectively.) So, there’s a slight dip in enjoyment happening. But the story itself I’m still on board for, so far.