Having seen Saw II, I decided that it was time to… watch… Saw. And I have to say I liked it. I claimed a few weeks ago that a scene in the sequel ruined the original. As it happens, that was not true. So, I still got even to enjoy the ongoing plot as it unfolded, although it turned out there was a whole different issue where the reveal of the bad guy was a major plot element, and I already knew that part. Still, not so bad on the whole.

Saw is the tale of two men chained on opposite sides of the room, how they got there, and what they have to do to get out. (If you think a saw will be involved, you just might be surprised! But probably not.) As good as it was (and I’m willing to proclaim any future sequels must-see for horror fans; finally, some good footage is getting put in film cans instead of direct-to videos), it could have been an order of magnitude better if they’d managed to tell the same basic story and keep all of the action in that room. Tension, cat-and-mouseness, substantial gore, it was all there. Luckily, the outside scenes mostly involved Danny Glover, who seemed to know even if he didn’t admit it that he is definitely getting too old for this shit, so the remainder of the movie was pretty well saved too.

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