Lucifer: Evensong

The fundamental story being told in the Lucifer series was over at the conclusion of the previous book, which is as it should be.  I have realized while reading Evensong and contemplating my review of it that how a story ends matters to me a great deal. I mean, certain series which I read for the […]

Lucifer: Morningstar

As has been the case for a while, I blame myself for my disappointment in the Lucifer series. The irony of that statement being, I still consider it completely fantastic. But at the same time, it has become more and more apparent to me that I’d have gotten more out of it from a straight […]

Lucifer: Crux

I have spotted my point of failure as a reader of the Lucifer series. All the way back in (judging by the covers[1]) the first volume of the series, there’s this performer named Jill Presto who is forcibly impregnated by a sentient deck of cards called the Basanos. And it’s an obviously important element of […]

Lucifer: The Wolf Beneath the Tree

I have realized that I am more impressed by the Lucifer series the further into it I get. Although it does not have the ambitious scope of Gaiman’s Sandman series that was its genesis, the scope it has is ambitious indeed, and the depth is all but equivalent. Or maybe it just depends on what […]

Lucifer: Exodus

I wonder if I should ought to break out of my rhythm and read the Lucifer books more concurrently with each other than I have done. After this most recent four month gap, I’m starting to feel more and more like the narrative has grown too complex for me to not keep the series more […]

Lucifer: Mansions of Silence

With the conclusion of Mansions of the Silence, I have completed over half of Mike Carey’s Lucifer story. And from a structural perspective, it is pretty obvious that the story is about half over. Well, I can’t say that much, but it’s at least obvious that it has reached a dividing point. That’s it’s half instead […]

Lucifer: The Divine Comedy

While waiting for the third movie to start, ridiculously late last night, I made kind of a cardinal mistake. If I believed for an instant there would be a fourth Horrorfest, despite the missed timing, horrible scheduling of the movies over the course of this weekend and the next week, and the single digit attendance […]

Lucifer: Children and Monsters

The second volume of the Gaiman-inspired, Carey-created Lucifer series picks up almost immediately from volume one. Lucifer has been given his requested gateway into the void, and now he simply has to work out what to do with it while simultaneously fending off the varied forces (including everything from ancient beings beyond time and space […]